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Issue ONE \ Origins

Hello and welcome to IRIS,

A fresh perspective on fashion, art and culture, celebrating the beauty of storytelling and the power of original vision.

In our first issue, ONE \ Origins we head back to the beginning and dig our roots deep into the Australian landscape with the creative thinkers, makers and performers that inspire us to create from the heart.

Contributors Laith McGregor, Margaret Pomeranz, Bill Henson, Stephen PageLaura BrownNick Cave, Daniel Askill, Omar Musa, David Williamson, Emma Summerton, Christopher Doyle, Catherine Baba,  Anthony Lister, Marc Newsonamongst many others, join our conversation and share their own personal story for the very first issue of IRIS Magazine.

We hope you enjoy Issue ONE \ Origins.

Love IRIS xx

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Magazine \ preface
Bill Henson

Bill Henson is arguably one of Australia’s most prolific and widely acclaimed contemporary artists to date.  His 40-year career spans a body of work that articulates a clear creative vision and has led him to become one of Australia’s most widely acclaimed contemporary artists of his time.

When we asked Bill to reflect upon his personal roots and the landscape that helped shape him into the artist he is today, this is what he had to say...

Magazine \ profile
Laith McGregor

Through Blue Biro Eyes

Whatever artwork of Laith's you look at, he is always somehow there, conveying his thoughts, feelings and ideas.  Or literally, there he is, staring right back at you, with those perfectly crafted blue biro eyes.

"I was interested in the dandy and the absurdity of masculinity" Laith McGregor

Magazine \ profile
Lucy Pinter

Jamie Huckbody discusses the good life and all things denim, with fashion designer Lucy Pinter.

“I wanted sun! But then again, who doesn’t?” declares Lucy Pinter, the 46-year-old mistress of Superfine, one-time niche denim label and now an international fashion empire in the making.


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Daniel Askill
Culture \ reflection
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The Pleiades
Editorial \ fashion
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Warwick Thornton
Culture \ art



Collaboration No. 01 - Artwork by Dylan Statham